Need Help to Get Started with Best Strategy

I am new to RankerX, I went through Turbo Wizard guide and started Turbo Wizard to get started, for first project I did mistake and for second it was fine.

All I want to know how can I edit the campaign I created in Turbo Wizard and use different project template for the same campaign. Say I have used Social Bookmark + Wiki + PDF links, now I need to use Web 2.0 and then Article and so on one by one. How can I change this on my existing Turbo Wizard Campaign.


  • Hi Danis,

    you can run the same template again but you'll have to do a lot of editing to use a different template with the same accounts, and projects.

    To use the same template you just highlight all the projects except the account creation projects and then right click on them and reset the schedule for them. They will start straight if the first project is scheduled to run when the account creation project is complete.
  • Thanks for helping. It's good ideal
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